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Although this topic has been done to death, I think that any competition topic is going to attract us Tomiki practitioners.

Why do I like competition?

Life is competetive and always has been. It will always be part of everyday life - at work, in sport, even driving a car. I train to improve my life therefore I must train to understand the nature of competition.
I want my aikido to be effective. I want to be sure it will work - I don't want to be afraid of people and I don't want to doubt myself. Therefore I must test my aikido and develop the areas where it is lacking.

I want my kata to be technically correct. It is years until my next grading so by doing competetive embu I have an incentive to polish and work on my kata.

I want to be athletic and I want to work toward a goal. I want to have pressure put upon me so that I learn to perform under pressure.

I want to lose. If I lose I have been taught something. If I lose to a particular technique - I learn that technique. I learn little by winning.

Real life is serious. I cannot play at life - I want to learn to play again. In randori I find the spirit of play - to strive for a goal only in a positive and open way.

You will notice the use of tense. These are my thoughts and my goals. Everyone is different, and this is what I desire from my training.
I write only to express how competition for me is right.
A lot of traditional aikidoka are fond of saying 'I have enough problems competing against myself' - If I have expressed myself properly you will notice that this is what I am doing.....
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