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Sensei, you are absolutely correct that I am studying under Sensei Jack Poole, and I am learning how to teach under his direction and guidance.

However over the last few years he has encouraged me to expand my aikido experience through training with different teachers and I see this forum offering a similar benefit - an opportunity to expand my understanding and knowledge. Both as an aikido student and a fledgling instructor. So I do this with his support.

I am certainly not able to judge whether anyones aikido is 'pure'. If my post was read that way then I apologize - it was not my intent. My only use of the term was in the questions:

"How do you differentiate between what aikido in its 'pure sense' is, and what it means to you. Can you even try?"

Perhaps the use of the word 'pure' was wrong. It certainly is a word that holds a huge amount of meaning when discussing aikido.

With regards,


Justin McCarthy
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