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Hanna B
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Re: Teaching, & its impact on me

Justin McCarthy (justinm) wrote:
It would be so much easier if I'd only ever studied Yoshinkan Aikido. Breadth of experience seems good to me, but it doesn't half make life more difficult when it comes to teaching!
As a mixture of some Aikikai varieties, I must say Amen to that. I hope you will find your mixed background as a treasure later on but when beginning teaching, being a hybrid sure makes life difficult.
Peter A Goldsbury (Peter Goldsbury) wrote:
In my opinion, Jack should be teaching you how to teach, just as my own teachers have taught me. Is this not the case?
Knowing nothing about Justin's situation: if that was the case everywhere... many of us have been thrown right into it without any kind of orders other than "you can do exacly as you please", trying to form the structure for it ourselves. I wished someone had taken the time with me to define what was "basics" in my then dojo. I am not sure anyone really knew, though.

I'd suggest Justin to ask what your teachers expect of you, then try to balance between expressing yourself and doing your dojo's standard basics. Standard basics only will not show the beginners what is fascinating about the art, but will be needed for surviving when the newbies join the big group.
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