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Hello fellow aikidoka,I have been studying Tomiki style Aikido for the past 8years and have attained the rank of 2nd Dan. I would like to explain a few things about this style,in Tomiki Aikido we have 17 basic kata that can be developed into hundreds of different techniques depending on the attack the techniques just "happen" after alot of practice your mind just responds to the stimulus before you.The reason for this is that we practice alot against a resisting partner and it stands to reason that if you can do techniques against some one that is resisting and knows what you know that it will be alot easier to throw some one in the street.We also do very commited attacks meaning if you don't move then you get hit and it only takes one time to catch one in the gut to learn the true meaning of tenkan. We also do alot of multiple attack drills which further develope your sense of awareness. Tanto randori is practiced to give you a deeper understanding of the techniques not just for sport purposes. In my dojo i also teach my students defenses against all kinds of knife attacks,but the first thing i tell them is that if you face an attacker with a knife then more than likely you will get cut. I tell them if you can get away then run don't be a hero, but if your back is against the wall then do what you have to do.Having used my skills in self defense i can attest to Tomiki Aikidos effectiveness. But the main thing about any martial art is beleiving in it and your self. Because with out belief in your self you cannot accomplish anything. In boxing they call it having heart and thats a true fact,a man with out heart is a lost man. I would like to say to every one that if you are ever involved in an altercation with some one "Do what you have to do but go no further" once the threat has been minimized then go call the cops or what ever but dont stand around doing more damage to the person. The reason i say this is that i was attacked by two guys i separated one guys shoulder and threw the other with Hiki-Taioshi and the guy with the separated shoulder tried to file a suit againt me but it was thrown out because other people testified that they saw them jump me. So keep that in mind,i am not bragging here or anything as i felt rather bad for the guy,but then i realized that i could have been the one going to the hospital so better him than me in this case. I realize that some people here may frown on this but before you pass judgement put your self in that position.
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