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Edward Karaa (Edward) wrote:
Technically, I believe that judo and aikido could not be more different because they are based on completely different concepts.
From my experience I can't agree with the above statement (though I can understand how some may feel this way). Imho aiki no ri is merely an extension or evolution of ju no ri. At the JAA site here we have some comments on the common principles between Aikido and Judo.

This chart may also help

I personally believe that the main difference lies in the ma ai used (grappling distance instead of striking distance) than any other technical aspect. I've been to some Judo dojos that train for self defence more than sport. During the self defence training a lot of techniques done are basically aikido kansetsu waza, and are applied using the same principles.

From my experience, if one applies basic Aikido principles of tai sabaki and kuzushi, one can be very effective at judo randori (at least being very hard to throw), an awareness of how to effectively apply tegatana and coordinated hand/hip motion helps the Aikidoka a lot in ne waza as well.

Just my thoughts.


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