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Mark Balogh
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Re: Teaching, & its impact on me

Justin McCarthy (justinm) wrote:
.. thinking about aikido while off the mat than I did when only training
Tell me about it mate! It's taking over my life since I've had my own club!!! Only work and going out at the weekends keeps me on the straight and narrow!!!
Justin McCarthy (justinm) wrote:
However I spent the first half of my aikido life in ki aikido and aikikai. I am now finding that I am no longer teaching the standard Yoshinkan syllabus, but spending more and more time looking at other aspects that seem to be relevent to me.
Brilliant I love it. You sound like a well rounded and open minded Aikidoka. Yay!!!
Justin McCarthy (justinm) wrote:
For instance, this week I introduced the 31 jo kata. Jo is not even in the Yoshinkan syllabus. Justin
I did the same!!!

This thread is excellent, restores my faith in Aikido in the UK. Well done Justin!!!
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