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Craig Hocker (kironin) wrote:
just because they have studied judo proves what ?
Relax - I don't think he was trying to prove anything.
several are Tomiki lineage
Geez you make it sound so dirty. None of the above went to Judo from Aikido but several do say that one should experience Judo to better understand your Aikido. This is mainly because of the way Aikido is generally trained rather than technical insights which also can be gained.

I really don't know that much about the Judo background of most on the list. Tomiki was prefectural champion and one of the top national players, Nariyama was considered one of the top High School players but ended up tossing it for Aikido, Senta Yamada was primarily a Judo man that also taught a little Aikido. I guess Judo experience can range from one of many in school (not everyone did/does Judo) to Dan ranked. The wheat is sorted from the chaff at Nidan in Judo - how many of the Japanese in that list were Nidan and up.

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