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james bennington (mantis) wrote:
Off the top of my head, here are some aikido instructors that have also studied judo:

Kenji Tomiki

Kazuo Chiba

Senta Yamada

Yasuo Kobayashi

Karl Geis

Tetsuro Nariyama

Renjiro Shirata

Shoji Nishio

Gozo Shioda

John Waite

Koichi Tohei
just because they have studied judo proves what ?

several are Tomiki lineage and some of the others did Judo before Aikido was well known or even called aikido. Judo was part of school phys. ed. in Japan before WWII. They didn't study Judo to improve their Aikido. They were not aware of aikido when they did Judo.

In fact Koichi Tohei Sensei was generally dissatisfied with judo at the time he was referred to O-Sensei 1939.

I did Judo for a while. I have a healthy respect for those who are really good at it. It's fun but if you don't have a passion for it, it is certainly not necessary IMO to study it to do aikido or be better at aikido.

that said, I can hardly say there is any thing wrong with cross-training, since I do Iaido and have been getting into Systema. But I really enjoy training in those for their own sake.

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