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Aleksey Sundeyev (shihonage) wrote:
Entirely correct.
I've been there a few times.

You mentioned the hard mats. I also thought they were pretty darn hard at first. After the first couple nights, they started feeling soft again though.

After a month at judo, I went back to an aikido class. I was okay during class doing set techniques, but I tried doing some jiyuwaza afterward and ... it was horrible I kept getting mixed up in my head and doing stuff sorta halfway between judo and aikido and not doing well at either. I think I'll try to keep them more separate for a while.

I love the osotogari/iriminage combo. Lately I've been tending to throw more hip into iriminage anyway; adding in the leg sweep is a very natural-feeling addition. I still suck at it though

Be centered, negate throw attempts, conserve energy.
that's good strategy for some things, but not for learning judo, if that's what you want to do.

Aleksey, you have to come back for some newaza nights! That's so much fun
Belts and gis all over the place. . .
I think this is because most people, in any gi-wearing art, do not tie their belts correctly. The way I learned to tie my belt, it rarely ever comes untied, even during newaza.

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