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Mark Dobro (Doka) wrote:
He may be attacking out of rage, drugs, alchohol, stupidity, mental illness, etc! They don't give a thought to winning!

I think that you missed the dry humour in my post! Dry in that it is so true! You may have to break the everyday law to stay alive! In the UK they call it reasonable force!


Not true; sorry.

A person may be out oh his head as described; but regardless of the attacker's mindset; he believes a)he is right and b)he can get away with it. For reference; I've dealt with all the types you described: the drunk, the drugged, the enraged, the mentally ill (and that is often a misnomer; an excuse for antisocial behaviour. I'm talking about genuine mental illness here.) In each case; the above holds true.

As for breaking the law; the law is specific on the matter; remember that you have to get through a jury's interpretation of the law. A defence lawyer can take your testimony and make you seem to be the bad guy provoking his poor innocent client. Remember also that if you break the law; you are by definition a criminal; regardless of your percieved justification. You can easily become the bad guy in such a situation.

Physical SD skills should be used for only one purpose - to achieve breakaway; nothing more.

Answers are only easy when they're incomplete.
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