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On a somewhat related line. . .something that caught my eye in Aleksey's original post. . .

The fact that a judo instructor appears mean while teaching judo really seems to have little connection with the 'actual' meanness of the instructor . My original aikido teacher was also a judo 4th dan and big in the sport during Soviet times - he now teaches judo to a large group of younger folks who often go on to win international competitions on the junior level. It's sometimes really scary to watch him teaching a judo class - shouting, extorting, reprimanding severely, driving the kids up and down ropes without reprieve. . . Then we go in for an aikido class, and suddenly he's polite and very controlled - still strict, but also more formal and respectful, a different person altogether.

I think this probably has to do with two things - 1) the difference between teaching a kids' class and an adults' class 2) the difference in idealogy between competetive judo training and aikido training. Most folks do aikido for the enjoyment they get out of it - winning competitions really is not a factor - while in competetive judo people have different motivations and are, therefore, ready to accept different levels of external motivation.

I sure am not qualified to talk about how "effective" judo is - I just know I prolly wouldn't enjoy it that much because of how "messy" it always appears to me . Belts and gis all over the place. . .

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