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Ah yes, the ever controversial turnout.

I try and use em when falling from tomoe nage. I frikken hate that fall. Much nicer to cartwheel out. At best, you can land right into north and south, grinning at your own brilliance. At worst, you are forced to do a bridgefall at mid cartwheel, landing heavily on your feet, but still minimizing his the ippon. (note: this is a good way to break ankles)

Turnouts are pretty damn dangerous tho. I think we all had a long debate on here a while back - the consensus seemed to be that they're not true ukemi at all, but rather a counter technique. if I'm getting thrown, I'd rather (A) just get throw and setup something nasty for you on the ground (B) "Spoil" - jam, then drag you down with me & repeat A.

Combo aikido / judo breakfall -

This is the closest to what I'm speaking of (that I've seen online).

Not sure it'd work when thrown with taiotoshi, haraigoshi etc. But I sure wish it did ;-)

Getting slammed down 50 times in a row sure ain't beer and skittles.

Ok - gotta stop hijacking Aleksey thread. If anyone knows anything on this topic, sent me a private message.
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