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Happy you had fun Aleksey.

From my Judo experiences, I have often gained a deeper understanding of how to utilise kuzushi and manipulate Uke's balance in new ways for Aikido technique.

In ne waza the iriminage hand position tends to help me to get off strangle techniques really quickly (I love submission techs ).

Bob spoke about the Iriminage hand position with osotogari. We did this technique in a self defence class (Aikido-based) recently. The resulting ukemi scared even the more seasoned Judoka on the mat when the 2 techs were combined. Guaranteed to dislodge anything in the lungs that ain't supposed to be there.

One thing I learnt recently about Judo though, even though in the early stages (or against equally matched competitors) it may look "ugly", there comes a point where the appearance of technical grace is almost identical to Aikido. As some Judoka get older and don't have the muscle strength to use to support poor technique, things start looking more and more like Aikido.

Just some thoughts. This thread reminds me more and more why I love Tomiki's approach to Aikido.


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