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Depending on what style of Aikido you practice will dictate how the bokken is represented to your taijutsu. many Aikidoka dont practice Aiki-ken Or Aiki jo and instead practice a completely different martial art ie kendo,kenjutsu,jodo etc. even though Aiki ken-jo has its origins in these traditonal systems that is were it ends, The fonder designed Aikido so that there is no difference between taijutsu-aiki ken-jo they are 1 and the same you must practice both left and right hanmi with your saburi. when you finish your cut there should be no difference between how you finish in taijutsu like taino henko and how your hanmi is after cutting they must be the same as they are the same.the ONLY diff is that in Tai no henko your hands are out in front with palms facing up projecting kokyo in ken your hands are over ken like yonkyo projecting kokyu. so if you drop the ken and open out you hands and foramrs not your upper arms they should fall into same postion. Also always trie to think about awase(blending) that is what Buki waza is all about .
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