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Michael Karmon
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Chad Sloman wrote:
what scenario could you paint where you would be given that choice? When do I ever have to choose let myself be hurt or hurt my attacker? Once I have gained dominance over my attacker, I choose to cause major harm or not. I choose not.

Here is an example:

a few years ago, While riding a bus, a group of young punks, 15-16 years old, went on and started bulling some of the older passangers. I decided that I will not pretend that I am deaf(I am not very clever). I started to get their attention.

After a very enjoyable mutual bad-mouthing (I was hoping that it will be the end of the confrontation) they began to get phisical. BTW,At that time I was doing Kung-Fu. I warned them once, and on the second go at me I smacked one guy over the mouth and grabbed the other in a wrist hold. That was that, the smacked one sat down in shock and the other one pleaded his release. Every one went off on the station and that was that.

Now, I was well within the bounderies of the law to punch in punk #1's face and give #2 a broken wrist. I didn't because they were punks and no real threat to me.

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