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Nathan Richmond
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Hello everyone. I just began studying Aikido a few weeks ago. I did some research before joining other than just liking Steven Seagal.

That being said I have a question that probably many beginners ask. This is probably most directed at those of you who have been in aikido for some time.

I realize that Aikido is basically reacting to what someone else would attempt to do to you. Such as grabbing, pushing, punching, kicking, etc. I am right about this right?

So my question is: Can Aikido techniques be applied in situations that you must make the first move? I realize that in Aikido that is considered going against what you are taught. But there are some situations where you would have to make the first move. Would you provoke someone to have to make a move at you first? Or could you actually use an Aikido move on someone who isn't attacking you?

Thank you,
Sorry for Ignorance.

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