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Michael Karmon
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Ian Dodkins (ian) wrote:
Yep - but whilst serving their Lord (ie before becoming Ronin) they did not fight specifically to protect their lives; in fact 'mutual death' was thought to be very honourable in battle.
Mutual death was a very honorable option but I believe that death of old age can be even more honorable.

Now seriously, as a veteran soldier I can accept sacreficing your life for the greater good and for the sake of honour and country but, as my sergeant said, "Let THEIR mamas cry".
Ian Dodkins (ian) wrote:
However each one of us will die, our families and friends will die - in fact all humans will die. So what you are talking about is a short term solution; in my view it is far better to live however you (personally) feel is best for you, rather than to worry about right/wrong or survival.

(is that weird enough for you?)

Man, you are damn depressing, "we are all gona die so why bother"

I think your are BS-ing us or you should see therapist, like ASAP.

Eat, Sleep, Exercise and watch out for cars
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