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Michael Karmon wrote:
Samurais were ready to die at an eyeblink but they fought and killed for their honor and duty to their master.
Yep - but whilst serving their Lord (ie before becoming Ronin) they did not fight specifically to protect their lives; in fact 'mutual death' was thought to be very honourable in battle.

I admit fighting for your survival is often a natural biological impulse. Just as protecting your family (to continue your genes) is not far removed from protecting yourself. Also what is said and what is done can be completely different things (I admit myself)! However each one of us will die, our families and friends will die - in fact all humans will die. So what you are talking about is a short term solution; in my view it is far better to live however you (personally) feel is best for you, rather than to worry about right/wrong or survival.

(is that weird enough for you?)

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