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Michael Karmon
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Ian Dodkins (ian) wrote:

Do you pressupose that the goal of life is survival? I think the great paradox of the martial arts is that to become a great martial artist you must be prepared to face death. When this can be done I think it is realised that there is no reason why your survival should be more important than theirs.

Ian, I dare say that your's is one of the weirdest posts I have seen.

If someone tries to physiclly hurt me or anyone I am responsible for then it is my duty to prevent it.

It is my beleive that it is morraly wrong to allow anyone that INITIATES violence to benefit from it and any one who initates violance does it at his own peril.

Furthermore, if someone attacks with deadly intent (knife etc.) then, morraly speaking, he forfeits his life upon doing so.

If it comes down to "my life or his" and no other option then I will kill him and will not think badly of myself.

Samurais were ready to die at an eyeblink but they fought and killed for their honor and duty to their master.

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