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Peter Rehse (PeterR) wrote:
to which

Hi Larry;

How do you think sutemi waza fits into your riposte?
Personally, and this comes from how my instructor taught me, sutemi waza (hell, simple leg reaping while trying to get off an Aikido technique) falls under Judo. As such, it depends on what we're training at the time, but I tend not to allow sutemi waza (or leg reaping for that matter) as "proper" Aikido technique, unless we are doing a self defence session, in which case what works, works and sutemi, shime, osoto gari and friends are all welcome. I often use this to show the Judo/Aikido similarity. I also use this method to avoid the temptation folks may have to get into a wrestling match on the mats (which in my book is also not Aikido). As I read Tomiki said somewhere, Aikidoka should not have to resort to Judo techs when in close contact grappling situations (paraphrased of course).

In fact when I did my last post I was specifically thinking about sutemi waza, in which case even though Tori has lost his footing, he has not necessarily lost all of his balance (psychological and physical), else he would not have the presence of mind/body to capitalise on the fall and execute sutemi waza. On the other hand, if he deliberately sacrifices his balance for sutemi, then he has not lost it, he has given it away for (hopefully) a tactical advantage.

What are your thoughts?


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