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Steven Miranda (Steven) wrote:
This is true in the Yoshinkan, as I'm sure it is an almost all MA's. In Total Aikido, Gozo Shioda defines KI as the mastery of balance. However this is not just an Aikido thing. Most all MA, sports in General and life, require some form of balance. And to me, that balance is not just physical.
I agree with this. Hence my initial point that without first maintaining one's own balance, there can be no disruption of the other's balance and effective application of technique.

This has nothing to do with wanting to become the other person's centre, it is simply a prerequisite for effective movement.
On a side, I think that I've seen times when nage throws uke, and the uke is in more balance the entire time than nage ever was.
Is this the norm in training for some of you? In our way of dealing with things, if Uke has his balance your chances of throwing/pinning him are slim to none (you are also begging to be thrown by a counter tech as well), though he may regain his balance after being thrown (i.e. be able to perform ukemi etc). Also, I think it would be very difficult for Tori to complete any technique if some superior degree of balance were not maintained on his own part. In this case Tori would probably end up throwing himself instead of Uke.

Interesting concepts.


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