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OK MJ, someone is trying to kill you!!! He wants to rob your wife and children of their husband and father!!! No Lover to hold, no Dad to help with homework and be there to love them no matter what! I am sorry, but if you can argue against that then you are no husband or Dad! You will be arguing against pretecting your family!

If I am not there then I cannot be there and/or protect my family!!! Can't you see the flaw in what you say?

I would not flinch from protecting my family! I am no coward! The cowards are those who tend to find excuses for not acting! Sticking their heads in the sand!

MJ, you are talking crap! I dragged a friend out of a large group who had targeted him (having never met him before - for fun maybe), who were kicking him repeatedly. I got hit with a tyre iron on the way in and exited with my friend! We were both hurt bt made it out! What would have happened to him if I hadn't of gone in!

Isshin! Absolutely!

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