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Ian Dodkins (ian) wrote:
My general view is that uke takes his own balance because he is attacking you and you move. You then do the technique, putting uke in a weak situation. At that point you can either throw gently or hard (and since uke's ability to support themselves is destroyed, even a 'hard' throw should not take much force).
You become uke`s centre of balance, then move, you put uke into a weak position, then you do technique, at least that `s the way I have been looking at it recently.

You become the focal point of balance for uke the instant uke attacks. I can liken this to walking towards a door, you are about to push it open when someone opens it from the other side, you often stagger or take an extra step to stop yourself falling into the hole. In Aikido, you are the door, uke intends to push you open, at that instant you are his point of balance, it depends on how you open the door and how far as to how much uke falls into the hole.



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