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As a student of Sensei Riggs, I can attest to his eagerness for class. It was funny, after the holidays this past December, we all came back and there he was... early, at the dojo and waiting for one class to finish so he could begin ours. The look on his face reminds me of Lan, a fellow student. Those two are like kids in a candy store when it comes to aikido! I joke about them needing to go to AA - Aikido Anonymous.

Point is, though they may be the exception to the rule, they are indeed both exceptional. (pun intended) Lan and I have discussed it in depth and have decided should Riggs ever move, we'd follow him. He might not know everything about aikido, but he knows enough to keep us busy for many years to come.

And seriously, this isn't just kissing up here. Anyone can do that... but when you find someone as dedicated to the art you are interested in, as much as Sensei is, it makes you feel bad when you can't make it to class because you don't want to disappoint him.

My situation, I just got married! Everyone joked about how I need to get right back on the mat and not let the Mrs. run my life. Well, its been three weeks now and I'm still exhausted from everything, but I plan to go it I can suck it up enough to make it. Personally, I DO have my days where I have to make myself go. But I wish I didn't.

Aikido's the best. Glad I have people around me that feel the same way... makes it a joy to practice, dispite a long day/week/month.

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