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Bryan Bateman (batemanb) wrote:
I believe that in order to do kuzushi on uke, tori needs to become uke's centre of balance. Only once you have become the centre of balance can you upset it.
Very interesting - often when you look at Ueshiba (esp. suwari waza) he seems to be lifting or supporting uke before cutting down. Does anyone use this approach explicitely?

My general view is that uke takes his own balance because he is attacking you and you move. You then do the technique, putting uke in a weak situation. At that point you can either throw gently or hard (and since uke's ability to support themselves is destroyed, even a 'hard' throw should not take much force).

To me aikido is utilsing every availablee advantage to overcome the attacker. i.e. we never use force against force, though you can use force against weakness (yin/yang blah blah blah)

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