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Hey, personally I dont really know tomiki aikido that much, but the competition factor isn't necessarily bad. In competition, people tend to make sure their skills are well polished, and they get to experience a true attack by a skilled opponent. In this light, competition can bring out the best self defense a person provide for themselves (not that I personally would join that style... I'm in it for the spiritual aspect myself). As for the egos and selfishness, that's a person's choice... Regardless of what your doing, you don't have to become egotistical or selfish. What you believe will decide whether or not you embrace these traits.

Also, by having competitions, I'm sure it gets some people involved into aikido who wouldn't otherwise consider it. As a result, this person will become exposed to the traditions and ideas within the art and may embrace these ideas losing some bad ones...

Just some thoughts on it though...


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