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James Giles
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Re: When do you know you've injured your wrist?

I was practicing kotegaeshi about 3 weeks ago with a guy in my class, and he really cranked my arm during the pin (the kneeling pin..not the standing one).

My elbow was so screwed up that for two weeks, I could not lift objects that weighed anymore than a couple of pounds with that arm. Its like the elbow joint had just given out and any attempt to use it resulted in quite a bit of pain.

I was very worried about the elbow for about two weeks, and had no doubt that I had a serious injury that was probably going to require a physician's care.

But during the past week the elbow has rapidly healed. It is as good as new now.

I agree with some of the other posters that say to take it easy for a while, and see if it starts showing signs of improvement before you go out and spend a ton of money on Xrays and a doctor.

I hope your injury is not serious, I wish you the best. James
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