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Jamie Stokes
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sorry to hear about your injury, your uncertainty is understandable.

Take a deep breath, step outside your self and take a long term view.

Missing out on one lesson and waiting 6-7 hours, and shelling out $75-00 to make sure.

Compared to....

An aggravated untreated injury, requiring surgery, an overnight stay in hospital, six months physio therapy, no Aikido for six months.

The best time to extinguish a fire is while it is still small. By the time the fire engulfs the forest, it is too late.

I know thats poetic, but small problems treated small are cheaper and easier to fix than small problems grown big.

Its your body, and you have to live in it for the rest of your life.

My Two cents worth.

Warmest regards,

Jamie Stokes.

Aikido: Love and compassion at one metre per second.
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