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Bad bad.

That joke was so lame, years of rehab wouldn't help it.

BUT, getting back to Jesus...

Moses and Jesus are up in heaven getting ready to play a game of golf when an old man comes up and asks to join in. Jesus looks at Moses, who shrugs his shoulders, so they agree to let the old man play.

Moses takes his first shot which goes *plop* right into a water hazard. Walking over to the pond, he raises his hands, parts the water, finds his ball and plays through.

Next up, Jesus hits his golf ball, it lands on the far side of the water hazard... right on the edge. He walks over to the little pond, walks across the water, stands partly on the water and partly on ground... takes his hit and plays through.

Finally, the little old man tees up. He hits the ball and watches it slice of to the side where it hits a tree, bounces up into the air, hits a bird, falls down and smacks a rock, ricochets off to the right thumping a groundhog, then rolls onto the green and into the hole... making a hole in one.

Moses shakes his head and looks over at Jesus,"Man... I hate playing golf with your Dad."

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