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Andrew James
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Guy walks into a bar with his parrot and asks for a whiskey. The bartender brings him a whiskey and coke. The guy says "I didn't order that coke!" Bartender replies "No your parrot did", The guy bewildered says "But my parrot doesn't know how to speak" and orders another whiskey. Bartender comes back with whiskey and coke. The guy gets upset and so does the bartender,"Your damn parrot ordered it!!!!!"

The man once again asks for a whiskey and this time listens to see if the parrot says anything. The parrot looks at him and says" Squawk, and a Coke, Squawk squawk" The guy gets in a real temper and out of rage goes to his car to his tool box, comes back and nails the parrot to the wall.

Next to the parrot, above the door, is a crucifix. The Parrot turns to look at Jesus and asks " Squawk, did you ask for a coke as well?? squawk, squawk"
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