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Benjie Lu
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Peter Philippson (PeterPhilippson) wrote:
I imagine if I had one fist on my chest, the other fist would be within striking distance of my face!
Peter, thanks for the input, I try to be aware of suki (openings) during my execution of techniques and the fist to the face does not happen because I make sure to perform kuzushi fully and perform kotegaishi while my uke is still trying to recover his center or balance.

Mary, thanks, I'll try that with one of my fellow mudansha and see what happens...

Michael, thanks for the link. That's the way I've seen it performed but from static tsuki it's very difficult for me to move a resistant or heavy uke.

James, I try to be fluid when executing the technique so that there are not opportunities for reversals but I can see where that would be possible if I lose the connection, thanks!

Larry, thanks for the input. I will try that version also and see if it would be better. I'm very thankful for all your inputs and will try your suggestions.

Keep on practicing!


Benjie Lu
Manila, Philippines
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