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Mark Dobro (Doka) wrote:
Flip Side!

We don't _defend_ ourselves in the dojo. Our ukes don't (usually) mean us harm.

In the street - Crush 'em!

OK, that is simplistic and a big step to take, but you do what it takes!

Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6!
Better be careful; that's a dangerous attitude to take, for several reasons. You made a good point when you said "OK, that is simplistic and a big step to take, but you do what it takes"; let me elaborate a bit.

The first is entirely defensive: taking an aggressive attitude in an encounter can easily turn it from a defensive situation - which Aikido can deal with - to a fight; which Aikido can't deal with. Let's be clear: in a defensive situation; a defender must have one thought uppermost: Ending the situation safely. In the vast majority of SD situations; that means getting enough position or distance to achieve breakaway; in other words; to escape the situation.Thinking about taking the guy out or finishing the fight can cause you to linger long enough to turn it into exactly that - a fight. And if that happens; you're in major doo-doo. Remember; if a guy is attacking; regardless of the situation he wouldn't be attacking if he didn't think he could win. It takes one person to start a SD situation; the attacker. It takes two to start a fight.

Which brings me to the nastier side of the problem: the legal side. I don't know about other countries; but in Canada and the US; a defender may use only the minimum force possible to defend himself. Doing any more can not only make you look bad; but can in fact turn you into the aggressor; the one they're going to throw the book at.

It may sound nice and neat to say 'Better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6'; but please keep in mind the fact that easy answers are only easy when they're incomplete.

Answers are only easy when they're incomplete.
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