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Thumbs up superficial aikidoka

Nearly every aikidoka I've come into contact with seems to be truly appreciating a spiritual, "world-harmony" aspect of the art. There have been several, unfortunately, who I've met who just kind of purge or upchuck all the goodness the Founder left for us in search of ego cultivation. One black belt I met (I won't name any real names) really made me sick to my stomach. "Whendim" "sensei" didn't like the fact that I wasn't afraid of him when he asked (demanded) that I help him with something. He said "Hey you! Whatever your name is, get over here." I thought his student might be having a heart attack or something, so naturally I came over there. I sort of "uke'd" for "Li'ldim" "sensei" because "his" student was about to have a black belt test. This egomaniacal sensei let me know I was "free to go" by saying "Thank you". I responded with "no problem" and began to walk away. I guess he was looking for "oh no, thank you sensei, it was an honour, can I kiss your butt now?" So he said once more, this time with extra authority.."Thank You", and I replied "no problem" in case he didn't here me the first time. 8P.

Aikidoka need to trust each other, but it is not a blind trust. We are human and need to keep each other in check, for in the immortal words sung by D. Gahan of Depeche Mode, we are each "like a pawn on the eternal board."


hara-kiri for the fear-mongers,
sushi-waza for the peace-makers.

--The great dream shared among my friends--

--Please see [u]Aikido and the Harmony of Nature[u] [i]illustration:[i] p. 125. Mitsugi-san, I taught you aikido in my former life, and no
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