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Maybe I am too new at this? I have been practicing for about three months now. I find that if I clear my mind before class, and focus on the techniques with mindful repetition (Not that I am always able to pull this off mind you.) I always seem to have some insight walking or driving home after class. It is like my body learned some new philosophical thing, and then later gave it to my mind.


Sensei will say something like Guide your uke to the mat, don't throw them. Or Are you working also against your own energy when the uke comes in? Then a little buzzer goes off in my head that says Oh this is like that situation at work, am I getting off the line of the energy of .... Or Hey am I moving from my center in the rest of my life, or am I off balance mentally and emotionally as well as physically? Do I lead people or try to push them over with superior might?

Maybe this is just good Old Socrates "The Unexamined Aikido Is Not Worth Practicing?" "The unexamined life is not worth living?"

I have sat through several church services in my time. When I got up to leave, I was just as out of balance, and out of touch with my body as when I started, only my legs were asleep from sitting on a hard wood bench.


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