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Uchi Deshi Program: your thoughts everyone?

Shortly after a graduate from high school this summer. I'm going to be filling the role of an uchi deshi for my local sensei. We've had some good talks about it between him and I and my parents. My parents have kind of tried to steer me towards the four year college route but I'm certain that Aikido is what I want to do in my life. So the deal this summer, is take a year off this year, and next year begin at a community college just to keep my options open.

But anyway. we've been reading up about what other programs are like (I will be the first and possibly last personal student sensei will have.) I've seen a lot of the benefits that come from being in a program like this. But what are the drawbacks of it? There is the obvious loss of social life as my entire life will probably be lived for the dojo and for sensei.

But I was told that the over confident man always gets thrown off guard when the unexpected comes up and that the wise man is able to recognize conflict and foresee possible problems and mentally plan for them before it's too late.

So I would like all of your help to brainstorm with me, some of big problems that could come up. What are all the downsides and possible problems for all of this?

Your thoughts?

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