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If you have not linked yourself to true emptiness, you will never understand the art of peace.

- Morihei Ueshiba
Please understand that I do not mean disrespect towards my Aikido instructor. Yet try to understand, I'm a very spiritual person and can greatly identify with O'Sensei's words which is why I decided to join an Aikido dojo. Yet, once I joined my Aikido dojo I encountered an agressive man, full of inner duality and frustration, using muscular force for his techniques. He never even once spoke about harmony, Ki, inner peace, respect for all life. Yet the Aikido style the Dojo teaches is about the original style as O'Sensei created it. And yes, ofcourse also the physical aspects of Aikido play a huge role, balance between both spiritual and physical is very important.

Now, I am quite new to Aikido. But isn't it said that O'Sensei created the art with help of his spiritual insigths? (I could be totaly wrong here ).

The thing is, is that spirituality played a big role in the creating of Aikido, correct? To my experiences, I've only yet encountered one person that respects this side of Aikido, which is luckely one of the two Aikido teachers I have. Kind of like Yin and Yang .

Don't take it personal,
For it is the personal we ascend beyond.
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