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Christopher Li (Chris Li) wrote:
I've never had problems walking in for a day, and I've never had to present any kind of documentation at all - just pay my money and go on up (except, to drop names, the time when I walked in with doshu and got in for free ). The fee is 1,500 yen per day for guests plus consumption tax. I just tell them that I want to train for the day and that's it, I don't think that they really care all that much.


I used to pay by the month there when I joined, but paid daily after I joined a local dojo. I couldn't remember the exact daily fee, for some reason 3000 yen kept ringing bells. 1500 yen is even better, about 15, or $22, not bad for the day. I would guess, as Chris mentions later that there was some mis-communication.



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