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Anders Bjonback
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I don't know if my spiritual practices influence my waza in any way. I've just noticed that I have the same sort of problems in both. I tend to space out--day dreaming in meditation, or missing what technique we're doing on the mat. I have problems letting go--in meditation, I have trouble letting go of arising thoughts and emotions, and on the mat, I have a problem with letting go of trying to force a technique, or trying to let go of trying to throw someone. The first (and perhaps only) true joining of my two practices was doing aikido with high school kids with problems. It was the first time I really was doing it for the benefit of others, so it was really a Mahayana ("greater vehicle" Buddhist) practice. Other times, it seems, aikido has only been for my own benifit and my own interests, so it's usually not what I would call a true "spiritual practice" for me. But then again, maybe it is. I'm not really sure.

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