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Benjie Lu
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Tsuki kotegaeshi (Fulcrum leverage)

Hi, I've been doing aikido for a few years and I have a question regarding the technique "tsuki kotegaeshi". The way that I perform this technique is I time the tsuki, perform irimi and grab the thrusting arm either one handed or with both hands, place the thrusting arm AGAINST my chest and perform tenkan to unbalance the uke and then apply kotegaeshi. This generates a lot of torque and is based on the principle of a fulcrum and lever. The fulcrum being my chest and the lever being the thrusting arm of uke. However, I've noticed that my sensei and other teachers that I've seen do not perform it in this manner. From my observation, they do not place the thrusting arm against their chest (but are still able to lead uke around for the throw).

My question is this: Is what I'm doing incorrect? It does work for me for all types of ukes. Even during static practice, I can still lead a big uke around for kotegaeshi if I perform it in this manner. If however, I do the standard movement without the fulcrum leverage, I encounter some difficulty in moving uke around esp. if the uke is rather large.

My sensei is very tolerant of the students finding their own aikido and does not insist on my performing it the way that he does it.

What are your views on this?

Thanks and any inputs would be highly appreciated.


Benjie Lu
Manila, Philippines
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