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Michael Ellefson (MikeE) wrote:
Regardless, I find it a little irritating that they were trying to require a Japanese sensei to let Phil train. When I was looking for a new organization, I chose a gaijin as my Sensei and passed on a few Japanese instructors.

So much for O'Sensei's grand vision of Aikido uniting the world.

The other thing that is strange is that the Nidai Doshu recognized Seidokan as a legitimate form of Aikido...and yet he didn't get to train.
As I said, I've never been required to produce any kind of documentation at all. One time (when I wasn't living in Japan) I just said that I was training in Hawaii - the woman in the office asked if it was with Bob Aoyagi - it wasn't and she wasn't familiar with the other (foreign) name, so she just wrote it down and took my money. Most other times they didn't ask me at all, but I have trained there even when (years ago) I wasn't Aikikai affiliated without the slightest problem.

My hunch is that there was a miscommunication and they thought he was coming from something other than Aikido (or at least other than Aikikai Aikido). Don't expect the lower-level office folk to be up on all the foreign organizations and teachers - most Japanese Aikido folks just give you a blank look even when you mention a name like Yamada or Kanai.



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