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Hi Paul;

I think its totally appropriate to see your Aikido in the context of your own religion (I read your other posts). Ueshiba M. certainly did.

Lecturing your students on the philosophy of Aikido - I can see that also, although like Don I personally think its a waste of valuable mat time. That's what after practice beer is for. Hard training in a dojo with the right attitude demonstrated by teacher and student alike is more than enough to understand the philosophical essence of Aikido. Tomiki, Mochizuki, Shioda all had a similar outlook in this regard.

Back to the original post I do have a really hard time with people grafting their often pretentious personal views on to what Aikido should be. Again, relate Aikido to your personal beliefs by all means, but don't go around saying things like
Is it just me, or is the spiritual essense of Aikido oftenly ignored by those who teach it? I have an Aikido instructor (I dare not to call him Sensei) which totaly niglects the spiritual aspects of Aikido, can this man even be labeld an Aikido teacher? The oneness, is that not where Aikido is truely about?

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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