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Jamie Stokes
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Ive read your essay. Ive tried to put my thoughts down like this, and it never came out the way I wanted. I think that this essay is one of those "take it or leave it" depending on the reader.

As for the spiritual aspects, I think you have the cause and effect back to front.

Practice the movements, and after a period of time, then you will discover the spirituality already there. Or rather, you will discover whatever you bring to it.

Aikido is a Budo. Movements first, spirituality second. If at all. Depends on the user.

Teaching spirituality is not your Sensei's prime job.

Too many different people have their own opinions om spirituality religion etc.

And if everyone has the same take, we are starting to look at either cult or fanatic thinking. It breeds an intolerance of the other point of view.

Besides, spirituality takes a back seat when Uke comes racing with a bokken to brain me! AH! TECHNIQUE! DON'T PRAY! DO SOMETHING!

Sorry, just the thought process that flashes across my brain when it comes to putting it on the mat.

Feel free to shop around, or find some other coach who can guide your spiritual path further along. even Tiger woods, world greatest golfer, still gets coaching.

Just pick the right coach for the right task.

with all respect,


Jamie Stokes.
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