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spiritual disciplines in relation to waza

I'm curious to know how any of the spiritual disciplines that people practice relate to their waza... in their personal experience.

I practice macrobiotics which has definitely had an effect on my intention, attitude, and end result when doing technique. It's enabled me to calm myself better and be less reactionary under the stress of an attack. It's helped me to let go of wanting to fight or use muscle in technique. I still use too much, but it's really helped me to progress in this goal.

I also practice misogi which has helped me to better control my breathing... or remembering to breathe when I'm really exhausted and start to use more muscle than I should.

I have been introduced to Chinkon Kishin, but have yet to begin practicing it on any sort of regular basis.

So I was curious to know what others experiences have been with the relationship between various spiritual disciplines and their technique.


Jim Growney
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