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I totally have to agree with John M. (of course)....

but I think there is sometimes misunderstanding when it comes to applicability. When some people think of "street effectiveness", they often think of duking it out with somebody in a bar-room argument or something, in other words mutual confrontation. I don't believe aikido is meant for this. If somebody is trying to pick a fight with me and I put my hands up and say: "let's go", I've already lost. Aikido is not meant for this. People like Jason Delucia who are very highly skilled are able to pull it off in these mutual combatant situations, but people unskilled like me cannot. It is often a criticism of aikido that we train with over-commiting ukes who go too deep, but it is my belief that that's the person who is going to attack me. I don't have the will to fight anybody; if somebody wants to physically engage me, they will have to corner me/chase me down/etc. In aikido we train against the "death blow", in that our attackers mind is focused on truly killing or really hurting us. In this regard, I believe aikido helps a great deal. But I don't like people starting aikido thinking that they will learn an art that will train them to rule the UFC or be able to go out and "kick anybody's ass". That is not what we train for. Sometimes I do like to spar and fight, but that's why I also take karate.

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