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I happen to live in the middle of a rough estate, and I've had numerous ppl pick fights with me, and almost all of these have been resolved with no damage to anyone. I'd say that Aikido even at my level can be very effective, but then I've done other martial arts too and blend them in to what I'm doing. Mostly for me these days it's a case of harmonizing with the attack, and just gently showing them that they're not going to get anywhere. They tend to back off. Admittedly, they back off while mouthing off at me, but that's ok. They need to look after their egos.

I once crunched someone's elbow, and that was because he kept on coming at me, but come to think of it, that wasn't an Aikido technique I did, it was from Jujitsu... though you might look at it as a sort of head-on shihonage. It was before I did Aikido.

Also... Last year, I had the misfortune to have some ppl try to mug me in London. I was tired and slightly groggy, and some bones got broken (theirs, not mine). My main concern was avoiding getting cut and / or hit. I mainly used Aikido, with a couple of kicks / atemi mixed in. As it is, I didn't suffer so much as a broken fingernail. Without Aikido, I'm sure I would at least have got my hands cut while trying to disarm the two with knives, because I wouldn't have had the same understanding of harmonizing with an attack.

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