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Training in Hombu

Can anyone help me understand the visitor policy (if any) at aikikai hombu?

I was in Japan for business, and took a whole day to myself, and thought it'd be good fun to visit Shinjuku and also hombu.

It was a long trip from Narita, but to actually witness the piece of aikido history as I did was invigorating.

Nonetheless, here was the situation: I hold rank in two styles of aikido, "recognized" by hombu, Seidokan and IAA. The front desk would not allow me to train, even though, in VERY broken japanese, I told them my training. (I was planning on having a letter of introduction, but it fell through) The front desk had no idea what I was talking about, even after mentioning the styles and asking if I could participate. It could've been the language, but I was asked for the "japanese name" of my instructor, and of course could not give one. Even after dropping Seidokan's kancho's name, I got odd stares.

So I watched Kobayashi-sensei's class, and folded someone's hakama afterwards. I can't help but say I was disappointed in how things turned out, but at least I was allowed to watch.

Can anyone help me out so I know what to do and what is allowed if I decide to return there?


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