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David Valadez (senshincenter) wrote:
Does this then mean that you train only with timings that have no element or require no element of speed and/or quickness?

DJM: Can't even conceive of how that would be possible.

Are attacks executed from so far away and with so much telegraphing (and/or wasted motion), etc., that the only timing required can be one void of speed and/or quickness?

DJM: The issue isn't speed here, it's initiative, intuiting the moment UKE moves and taking that initiative away from him. Think eye-flick here or KIAI. to be unwise to hold then that one only need slow velocities whatever case may rise simply because timing is always relative.

DJM: Straw man here, I didn't say this. But if you're using my post as a springboard, help yourself.

My own reasoning and experience takes me in the opposite direction. It is precisely because timing is the mother of ALL successful velocities that I must train in the infinite variables of speed without discrimination toward any (whether such discrimination comes to me via ignorance, tradition, environment, etc., or not).

DJM: Cool jargon but I don't think I follow. Can you make this concrete? Thanks.

Don J. Modesto
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