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Paul Sanderson-Cimino
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Shihonage-osae. Definitely. (That is, shihonage to a pin, rather than extending to throw uke into a roll). I'm probably going to build up a reputation as 'that Yoshokai guy who won't stop talking about how they change the light bulbs in their dojos', but I should explain by noting that our ukemi for shihonage-osae is to go back without bringing the hips down - kind of a 'limbo' feel, so that shoulders impact first (along with a slap with the free hand).

Best tip for that ukemi? Sensei told me to remember to keep the slapping hand way up high until it slaps. Absorbs much more force that way; makes a huge difference. I still get jostled. Also, lately I tend to lift my heels up for the ukemi, which is bad form, I believe.

As for correlation between my ability to perform that technique and my ukemi...hmm. I actually like shihonage quite a lot. I sometimes forget to really turn the wrist down to complete the torque, and placing it properly with respect to my center is tricky. (We ideally do it with a cut right down our center, so that uke is acutally turned to the side, but sometimes I turn uke's arm rather than his/her body...)
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