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If I may,

Does this then mean that you train only with timings that have no element or require no element of speed and/or quickness? Are attacks executed from so far away and with so much telegraphing (and/or wasted motion), etc., that the only timing required can be one void of speed and/or quickness?

It is a very interesting point really that Mr. Akiyama is bringing up. Precisely because nearly ever other art cultivates a quickness (even if said quickness is achieved through a "smoothness") and still speaks of a need for timing - whereas Aikido, in general, tends to hold that timing settles all issues - even the issue for raw athleticism and the need for speed or short reaction times which is one of its elements.

Undoubtedly timing is the mother of all successful velocities. But I believe it to be unwise to hold then that one only need slow velocities whatever case may rise simply because timing is always relative. My own reasoning and experience takes me in the opposite direction. It is precisely because timing is the mother of ALL successful velocities that I must train in the infinite variables of speed without discrimination toward any (whether such discrimination comes to me via ignorance, tradition, environment, etc., or not).


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