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Jason Delucia's "Combat Aikido" 5-DVD set is a great tool which will make you see Aikido in a new way.

This guy actually shows how classical Aikido techniques are MEANT to be used vs. unwilling, non-dedicated opponents.

When O Sensei competed, I have no doubt that he used Aikido in a way that is very similar to what is shown here.

One of the chapters on the first disc is called "First Control (Ikkyo) Boxing", and I've used this simple strategy on an aggressive homeless man long before seeing this DVD.

After seeing it, I was able to apply it to my sister who decided to punch me "for real", and then to my unsuspecting friend when he assumed a boxing stance.

Aikido is about riding resistance, and that resistance can be found and created anywhere, real attackers included.
Aikido is not a passive art, either.

We are given individual parts, but guys like Mr. Jason Delucia show us how to put these parts together into a functional vehicle.

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